Hate Cooking?

When the boys all moved out of the house I was elated! I know that sounds cold on my part, but it isn't what it sounds like. Sure, I was sad and I shed my share of tears. In fact, after the last one was walking out of the door with his last box of trinkets in his hand, I sat in my chair staring into space for what seemed like an eternity. Now what was I supposed to do? What was my purpose now if no one needed me any more?

Once I shook my head and came out of my funk I suddenly found myself standing in my first ever "spare room". Oh, the possibilities! My own craft room...a home office...spare room for my mom when she cared to visit...or heck, even a room for the cats to call their own!

Eventually I started to notice more things that came from being an empty nester and one of them was the fact I didn't have to cook meals any more. I could eat popcorn for supper if I had the desire to do so. At the time that our last little bird flew away for bigger and better things, Rob and I now owned our lodge. Because I was still working, I was only able to join him a couple of times that year and so I was home alone for long periods of time and it was easy for me to stay out of the kitchen.

However, with the lodge came a 30 seat cafe and it only made sense to utilize it for an income generating opportunity. When we were looking for a fishing lodge, it meant just that. A fishing lodge, where fishermen came and I would cook a meal or two for them after they returned from fishing all day. It was never my intention to become a full time waitress/cook at the ripe old age of 50! But it was too late and we had to continue forward with our new adventure. For the past five years we have been cooking for logging (and other) crews who have been working in the area. Don't get me wrong, the income is what has kept us sustainable so far. We certainly haven't made a living off of fishing guests as we quickly found that it is a bit expensive and complicated to make your way to the remoteness of the rain forest.

Where am I going with this? After cooking for so many people for months on end, we find ourselves returning home at the end of each season and looking at each other out of the corner of our eye at dinner time, wondering if the other is going to venture into the kitchen to cook yet another meal. For the first month we of course end up spending a part of our earnings eating take out and after we have had our fill we decide it's time to start cooking, but end up cooking the easiest things possible. The thought of standing over a stove or washing one more dish is dreadful.

And then I found Tupperware! This spring I humoured a friend and went to her Tupperware party. God knew that I did not need another plastic bowl for someone to lose the lid for, or to be lost in the back of my cupboard where things go to be lost. As it turned out though, after attending her party and seeing some of the product being demonstrated, I was hooked. I couldn't believe that Tupperware was now selling things that I knew for a fact would make life in the kitchen so much easier and with a lot less time spent slaving over a stove.

power-chefNow, I will be the first to agree that some of Tupperware's items can seem a bit expensive so I had to find a way to be creative, so I could acquire the products that I just needed to have to improve my cooking experience. The first thing I did was offered to host a party. I'm lucky to have a group of friends who love any excuse to get together for wine, and food, and wine! And the bonus in this case would be the opportunity to earn FREE Tupperware! It worked...I was able to get my most favorite item...the Power Chef!! I will say it over, and over...everyone needs one of these in theismart-steamerr kitchen!! You just need to trust me on this one!

The next thing I did was attend another party a couple of months later and was able to purchase my next favorite item (SmartSteamer), on sale. It helped my friend earn some FREE Tupperware and it has benefited me in the kitchen by leaps and bounds. With these two items I now find that my prepping and cooking time has been reduced for a single meal by more than half. AWESOME!!

From that party I was able to reconnect with a hockey mom I hadn't seen for years. She must have seen the excitement in my face after she had demonstrated these and other amazing pieces so she invited me to an evening out at one of our local hotels for a Tupperware degrate-mastermonstration evening. And wouldn't you know it, for that evening only, if you purchased the starter kit you could purchase the Grate Master Shredder for $25.00 (regular $124.00)!! You should see this thing in action!! I don't know about you, but I know Rob hated the nights I would call him in to grate the cheese, and half of his knuckles. I despised grating cheese!!

SOLD!! And no word of a lie, now we fight over who gets to grate the cheese! It's so much fun and takes little to no effort to shred an entire large brick. When we can, we will definitely be purchasing one for the lodge, where we grate mounds and mounds of cheese, every...single...day! (If this one doesn't go missing when he heads back I will be surprised).

Now the honest truth. I told my new manager that I was NOT signing up to sell Tupperware. I was merely signing up and purchasing the starter kit just for the Grate Master! And that IS the truth. But I did tell her that I have been so excited about four or five of Tupperware's product line that I definitely knew I had to let all of my friends and family know. Most of us are getting older and we have all sat and complained about how much we hate cooking as the years go on. But with today's food prices we can't help but have to stay at home and cook (even though that's almost as expensive).

To try and earn my kit for free (it isn't that expensive at $110.00 for all that you get) I might as well host a launch party. If I earn a certain amount in sales then Tupperware will pay for my entire kit. If not...oh well. I got my Grate Master!!! and already saved tons!! Because I hosted that party, it turns out I had three friends book their own party! And here I am...unexpectedly selling Tupperware!

But my intent here isn't to "sell" to take your money to put in my pocket. My intent is to let you all know that I have the knowledge you need to help make your time in the kitchen a lot less and much more enjoyable. I actually look forward to meal time. Who knew that would every happen? Not me!

If you are interested in hearing more, shoot me a message or give me a call! Or, stay tuned for more posts where I will share videos of my favorite products for you to see for yourself how much easier life can be in the kitchen! I will share tips and recipes, and keep you updated on my Tupperware experiences!

Happy Tupperwaring!!

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